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URITHI HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED is registered under the Ministry Of Industrialization and Enterprise Development. Urithi HCSL endeavors to address the housing challenges caused by the global recession that has constantly put a strain for majority to own assets like land and houses. The Co-operative acquires land at negotiated low price and pass on the subsidized cost per unit to the members. The profits realized from the sales to non-members is ploughed back to be earned by the members as dividends or / and value addition activities on the land. Urithi, a Swahili name for inheritance, serves those who want to invest for the future, thereby giving inheritance to oneself as retirement package and to the loved ones like spouses and children hence the slogan – buy and wait..., don't wait and buy!! Our Objectives To provide for its members accommodation and livelihood within the area of its operation, which is fair, and at a reasonable price together with other ancillary service such as roads, drainage, water and lighting. To provide facilities for physical, cultural recreation and other matters that are customary and desirous for building estates, blocks of flats or single dwellings. Statements Vision: A principle provider of housing and settlement solutions in Kenya. Motto: Accelerate tomorrow’s growth today. Mission: Improve the quality of lives of our members by providing decent housing and settlement using innovative technologies.. Our Core Values are: Discipline – we shall maintain highest standards of discipline Accountability- we shall be accountable to all the stakeholders and the public Transparency – all our transactions shall be done in a transparent manner Equity – we shall promote equity amongst all Kenyans Honesty – we shall be honest in all our dealings Principles: Non- Discrimination – no person shall be discriminated based on tribe, age, gender, religion, disability, political affiliation Affordability – we shall endeavor to make all our products affordable to the ordinary Kenyans Value addition – we shall seek to add value to all our products Improved livelihood – the ultimate aim shall be to improve the lives of Kenyans as well as support wealth creation.

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